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Three Steps to Heaven and Earth…


“Sure, ’tis a terrible thing to choose one or t’other.”

The Aurally Man


“Alchemy as process has a number of stages.”

“And nobody seems able to agree on how many!”

“This might not though be a disagreement of number but of measure.”

“An hour possesses sixty minutes and three-thousand-six-hundred seconds, after all.”

“If we make our focus three, we get…”



“A point worth considering: all the triangles are of equal size.”

“Individually this seems obvious but, perhaps, not quite so, relatively.”

“A shortcoming alluded to in the phrase, ‘vagaries of the human eye’.”

“Which is another point worth considering.”

“The human eye follows lines like a moth to flame.”

“This is one of the reasons why the ‘Blessed Head of Joshua’ is eyeless.”


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Obelisk: Alchemical Gold #writephoto


As soon

As one



‘Natura Superior’…

One is

Immediately confronted with

Earth as dirt

And the need

To flee

This filthy spectre

Becomes paramount…


Yet it may

Be that the

Outer ring of

Stars in space

Is nothing more

Than a reflected




After all

Thrive on



Of Ceremony and Symbol…



First Man had many wives

among the Animal People.

The sacred beast, bird or reptile

was treated with reverence

and as totem was carried to ensure

guardianship of the spirits.


The two fundamental ceremonies of universal application

are the steam bath and the clay pipe.

Everything used in connection with the steam bath is regarded as sacred.

The aromatic cedar and sage, the water,

and especially the water-born boulders which are deemed to be ancestral stones.


The natural boulder is often reverenced

by the raising of the tobacco filled pipe.

This simple ceremony is the commonest

daily expression of thanks and grace.

– Ohiyesa


A Wild Mother…



Mother-Wild has not only the experience

of her forebears and the accepted rules

of the clan to guide her,

she seeks to learn also from

ants, bees, spiders and badgers.


She studies the family life of the birds.

To her and her child the birds are real people,

who live close to the mysterium.


The murmuring trees breathe its presence.

The falling waters chant its praise.

– Ohiyesa