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Time After Time…

geometries 025


… “Ah, you’ve left the matrix in this time, that’s good,” says Ben, he pauses, “Why sages?”
“You would regard Christ as a sage would you not?”
“I would indeed.”
“Christ is often pictured in a Vesica.”
“It is meant to represent the perfected aura I believe, or at least the aura of the perfected man.”
“So if we have ‘seats’ and we have ‘sages’ which in the text we assuredly do, then the vesicas are, as like as not, the sages…”
“These vesicas though aren’t at all Christ-like.”
“No, the Christ vesica is formed by the intersection of two circles. These on the other hand are formed by three. Sage leaves are also shaped like this as are many exploded seed pods.”
“Okay,” says Ben, “that’s very interesting, and the teaching?” …


geometries 027


…“The teaching is to open up and get out of the way like a directional cross of four chalices which point, or empty, into the centre.”
“Haven’t I seen that somewhere before?” says Ben.
“It’s a device which runs along the bottom of the stained glass window in the West Wing of ORC,” say I.
“Ooh, I like the notion of a West Wing to ORC,” says Wen rejoining the fray.
“But that is not the teaching in the text is it?” says Ben.
“No, but when you do the elemental, directional thing with the teaching in the text you get to the centre anyway…” say I.
“Let’s have a look now,” says Ben, “A plentiful sowing…A dutiful flowing…A beautiful glowing…An artful knowing…”


“What sows?” says Wen.
“Wind sows,” say I.
“What flows?” says Wen.
“Water flows,” say I.
“What glows?” says Wen.
“Fire glows,” say I.
“What knows?” says Wen.
“Mind knows,” says Ben…

…“What knows?” say I.
“Body knows,” says Wen.
“What flows?” say I.
“Feeling flows,” says Wen.
“What glows?” say I.
“Face glows,” says Wen.
“What sows?” say I.
“Hand sows,” says Ben…


“What sows?” say I.
“Water sows,” says Ben.
“What glows?” say I.
“Earth glows,” says Ben.
“What flows?” say I.
“Air flows,” says Ben.
“What knows?” say I.
“Heart knows,” says Wen…


…“What knows?” says Ben.
“Spirit knows,” says Wen.
“What flows?” say I.
“Spirit flows,” says Ben.
“What glows?” says Wen.
“Spirit glows,” say I.
“What sows?” say Wen, Ben and I in unison.
“Spirit sows,” say Ben, Wen and I…


Morgana, who has been observing our performance with increasing incredulity, laughs out loud and claps her hands together, “If you can reproduce that in the talks,” she says, “we’ve cracked it!”

– The Aetheling Thing.

Proud Angel…


“The Peacock Angel fomented a rebellion

among the Angels of Heaven,

where he had been a leading light.


He declared that he would go

and establish a kingdom for himself.


When going out at the Gates of Heaven,

the Peacock Angel brought ‘prickly lightning’

and ‘biting lightning’ from the posterns with his talons.


Many of the Angels in Heaven followed him.


So many, in fact, that the Son cried out,

‘Father, Father, our city is being emptied!’

The Father ordered the Gates of Heaven and the New Kingdom be shut.

The gates were shut.


Those who were in, were in,

those who were not, were out.


Those who had left Heaven

but not yet reached the New Kingdom

flew into the Holes of the Earth, like storm petrels,

and were doomed to live underground for ever after…”


A Seer Speaks…


“There are three worlds which we can seen while we are still in the body:

the earth-world, the mid-world and the sky-world.

The shining beings belong to the mid-world,

while the opalescent beings belong to the sky-world.


I cannot decide whether or not the life and state of these beings

is superior to the life and state of maknind.

They themselves are certainly more beautiful,

and their worlds seem to be more beautiful than our own world.


Among the shining beings there does not appear to be any individualised life.

If one of them raises a hand they all raise their hand.

If one drinks from a fire-fountain, they all do likewise.

They seem to move and have their existence in a being other than themselves

for which they act as a sort of body.


Theirs is a collective life and so calm

that we might have more varied thoughts

in five hours than they would have in five years,

yet one feels an extraordinary purity and exaltation about their existence.


Beauty of form has with them never been broken up by the passions

which arise in the developed egotism of human beings.


Some of the tribes of these shining beings

seem to be little more than one being

manifesting in many beautiful forms.


Among the opalescent beings in the sky-world,

there is an even closer spiritual unity,

but also a much greater individuality.”

– Seeing the Unseen





Glimpses Beyond…

The Silent Eye


‘A wonder of a land,

the land of which I speak.

We behold but are not often beheld.’


Perfected art can accentuate things,

and make them more attractive to the eye and mind,

but it cannot enhance the innate spirituality which men of all ages have held.


There seems never to have been a time

when tribe, race or nation did not hold

some sort of belief in an unseen world

inhabited by unseen beings.


Everything which can be said to exist is natural,

yet the Holy-Man who experiences the spiritual condition of ecstasy

cannot adequately explain it to the man who has not known it.


If the Ancients possessed an arcane language

to encompass such psychical experiences,

it still remains a secret.


But the natural aspects of the countryside impress Man

and awaken in him the Subliminal Self

which in turn inculcates an…

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Koyt Tredhewi…


And then, we came across this…

Although, ‘came across’ is maybe a little inaccurate.

We were definitely looking for this one, having a host of quoits to go at, for some reason or another, this one stood out, and we were not disappointed.

Also known as, ‘Chi an Kowr’, the Giant’s House, Trethevny Quoit, just happens to have a Dragon-line running through it, and boy can you tell, only it is not the, ‘Michael Line’…

So maybe that should be ‘girl can you tell’.

Though, we did not know this at the time…


Playing Place…


Well, it didn’t take us long to get there did it?

But let’s ponder a moment

what this structure could mean…

We could call the two flanking uprights,

Summer and Winter,

or Night and Day,

or Them and Us,

and it would not really matter which was which.

If we did that though, what would we call the holed stone?


Across moorland…


These strange, narrow tracks betoken something,

processional, perhaps…

exhaling us where they do

with little work to accomplish.



Would we have found them without

Ballowal Barrow or Boscawen-Un?

And even if we had,

would they still have been the same?



“I think that’s what people mean, by tangential.”