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Apologies to Euclid….



‘Given the option we would all choose to live in a house of the imagination…’

…A riddle is a trick played with words.

And this word ‘trick’ is interesting for it too has a three in it.

This three it seems to me is the unknown, or rather in the case of a ‘low down’ trick the not known by one but known only too well by the other.

It is debatable of course but it could be argued that whenever there is a one and another they are in one sense or another always reaching for a third.

Perhaps this reaching is an attempt to define the unknown.

Only by reaching together can they succeed.

Like a line that seeks a triangle.*

In order for the line to rise its polarities have to meet in the middle.
In order for the triangle to rise its singular-triplicities have to meet in the middle.


I hear you cry, why are the angles singular-triplicities?

Because each angle is simultaneously one of three and three in one, it is a point and also the point of two distinct bases.

Technically this ‘two base thing’ could also be designated a common-duplicity which is the reason why the little figure below works and as such, singularly, it gives us a hidden ‘fourth’, collectively, a hidden ‘sixth’.


hares 008


What does one point gain from another?




What do two points gain from a third?



What do three points gain from a fourth?



A line is a point with two ends to it.

A triangle is a line with three turns in it.

A tetrahedron is a triangle in ‘two minds’.

If the minds were houses one would be a house of the living, the other would be a house of the dead.

Or to rephrase: One mind is inner the other is outer.

For the inner to contain the outer, or for the drop to contain the ocean, requires a fourth and a sixth…




* This triangle is always an equilateral triangle.

Dear Wen XLVII

fast food raven (4)Dear Wen…

I see no reason why I should be blamed for the images in your head…

Slugs get a bad press okay, and they have a role in nature’s grand scheme, an important role, just like pigeons in fact, or rats, or ravens although obviously the roles are different…

I am afraid I am back on hierarchies… which undoubtedly exist in nature however in nature they don’t carry the same weight which we attribute to them. It is a bit like the symbolism of space which we discussed in MK… Higher isn’t better or worse than lower. Higher is higher and lower is lower, spatially speaking… and the terms really only designate a spatial relationship. The value judgements we bring to these things are simply our choices, and define our outlook…

birds test pics 251The beauty of the equilateral triangle is that it makes this obvious. The ‘highest point’ depends solely upon where one stands. All the points partake equally in both higher and lower simultaneously. Only by understanding this can a fourth dimension be accessed, a meeting in the middle to rise or fall, it doesn’t matter which, and which by definition sees all three points in their actuality as equal points on a flat plane.

Is fire superior to water or earth or air? This is an obviously nonsensical question as each of the traditional elements possesses their own qualities which essentially are neither better nor worse than any other… just different.

bald tailed squirrel 037

Yes, it was the Aaron episode I was thinking of, snake or staff, in quantum terms wave or particle… etc.

I like your verb to divine… bones can be used to divine, entrails can be used to divine, the flight of birds can be used to divine, leaves can be used to divine, cards can be used to divine, twigs can be used to divine, crystals can be used to divine, rods can be used to divine… thumbs can be used to divine…

John was a divine…

Looking forward to the trip south… is a half-heard whisper the same as a half formulated question?sparrows 017

Of Stones and Staff would make a good chapter title… although that’s not quite right…
I shall bring my grater for the Cheese-Hound…


Don x