Eye-Guy III…

Human Eye


…”I don’t get it.”

“In Geometry, before one can draw a human eye, one has to draw a cat’s eye.”

“I still don’t get it.”

“It’s a process.”

“And in any process things have to happen in a certain order…”

“You said that without using your brain.”

“…First one thing, and then another.”

“And that.”

“But what thing and what other?”

“Ah ha! In this case, Night and Day.”

“Cat’s-Eye and Human Eye!”

“There’s more to it than that though.”

“In what sense more?”

“In a magical sense.”

“Old magic?”

“Well, it would have to be, very old magic.”



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Aural Sculpting III…



…Now, this turned out to be both a blessing and a curse on

Conan because at night when he wanted to sleep the cat’s

eye was forever starting at the squeak of a mouse and the

flurry of a bird, and during the day, when he wanted to

observe the movements of a host or the gathering of an

assembly, the eye was fast close in his head in the deepest

sleep, and there was nothing that Conan could do about it.


However, knowing nothing of all this yet, Conan

went in to his lord and master and told him of the

two cunning physicians who had come to Underhill.


“Bring them in,” said Pryderi from his sick bed…


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Damp disaster and diamond days

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

The morning was magical. It was one of the most beautiful dawns I have ever seen. Mist poured over the moors, white as snow, turning to liquid gold at the touch of the sun. Shaded valleys, frosted with diamonds, glinted in the pale light and treetops made islands in the mist….

And I didn’t have my camera. It drowned.

The weather for the first day of the Solstice of the Moon weekend was a tad soggy. The convoy of cars had its very own ‘rubber duck’ as I donned the bright yellow waterproof cape and carefully tucked the camera into the allegedly waterproof pocket for safety.

The rain came down and filled the pocket…

Apparently, cameras don’t like going swimming.

So, there we were in Scotland, Stuart and I, with one working camera between us and the one on my phone, which is pretty limited in what it can capture…

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Where be dragons..?

The Silent Eye

What links sacred sites, ancient and modern?

Are the clues all around us?

Do the keys to heaven lie hidden in the earth or are there keys to earth hidden in the heavens?

Where earth and time and heavens meet

Look to the dragons’ soaring might

To seek the circle’s treasure trove

And solve the riddles of the night.

Riddles of the Night…

Hidden in plain sight.

1st-3rd December 2017, Bakewell, Derbyshire.

Join us in Bakewell in the heart of the Derbyshire Dales to explore some of the ancient and sacred sites of our ancestors. The weekend will take the Companions on a true quest, seeking out the hidden magic in the landscape that echoes the magic of heart and soul.

The weekend is informal, no previous knowledge or experience is required. We ask only that you bring your own presence and thoughts to the moment.

The workshop costs £50…

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